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What is the best DIET for menopause?!

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

When I first started out in the fitness industry there were so many different diets to think about that it used to make my head spin.

Some people were adamant they weren’t going to touch carbs, others hated fats and then there were the people who lived off nothing but liquid shakes.

One thing I did notice, time and time again, was that no one group seemed that happy with their diets and people often failed when they tried to cut out entire food groups.

Thankfully, when it comes to powering through your midlife as a woman, the evidence is very much there to show that there is one way of eating that far outweighs all others and that is the following the Mediterranean diet.

Not only are people who eat in this way renowned for living longer than anywhere else in the world but, even better news, is that no food is completely restricted on this diet!

Researchers have also found that the Mediterranean diet can contribute to higher muscle mass and bone density for women post menopause, when they are at much higher risk from osteoporosis.

Plus, it helps control obesity, reduces the risks of heart disease and has even been thought to lessen the chances of getting cancer.