Resistance bands are stretchy bands that are a great addition to your workout equipment. They have the added advantage of being small and light enough to take with you on holidays, on work trips and any time you are on the go.


These fabric bands are good quality, durable and will not roll up your legs, like some other bands, thanks to the addition of non-slip strips inside the band.  You can use the bands to add additional strength and resistance to your workout, to isolate and activate certain muscles, particularly in the lower body and to help you increase your mobility.


There are loads of exercises you can do with these bands, some of my favourites include:


Donkey kicks

Fire hydrants


Squat holds

Glute bridges

Crab walks

Hip abductions 


These bands come in two sizes and resistance:


Light/Medium resistance measuring 16 inches when flat (30 inches circumference)


Medium/Heavy resistance measuring 14 inches when flat (28 inches circumference)

Resistance Band Leopard

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