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What do pistachios, magnesium, bamboo clothing and lying with your legs up the wall have in common?!

Discover my top 5 tips for getting a better night's sleep at menopause.  Insomnia is the number 1 reason people go to the doctor at perimenopause and here are 5 simple natural sleep remedies to help you sleep better, reduce insomnia and overcome fatigue and exhaustion at midlife.
How to get better sleep at perimenopause

The answer is they can all play a role in helping you to get a better night's sleep at perimenopause and beyond!

It is well known that hormonal shifts can create huge changes to our sleep patterns - thousands of women who have begun to track their periods have noticed that they experience a few nights of very disturbed sleep in the build up to their periods - it is also the number 1 driver for women finally talking to their doctors about their struggles with perimenopause.

Lying awake night after night not only makes you feel completely wiped out and exhausted - it can also worsen lifestyle diseases, increase cognitive decline and memory problems as well as affect your decision-making abilities, so it is definitely an aspect of your life you should consider working on as a priority.

However, despite the fact that insomnia is so prevalent among women and even though it has such a debilitating impact on their lives, it is often surprising to me how few actually consistently try to make a few changes that could make a tangible difference to their sleep.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason lies in how huge some of the steps seem to be - when you are already exhausted, extremely busy, feeling low and lacking in energy - to make large sweeping changes to your life like overhauling your diet, cutting out alcohol, working to eliminate stress or setting a regular bedtime routine can perhaps feel so daunti