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Think you know every menopause symptom...think again?!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Less familiar perimenopause symptoms that you may not know can be caused by fluctuating hormones!
Perimenopause Symptoms

The amazing thing about perimenopause is that just when you think you have it sussed and you know what symptoms to expect from month to month, along comes something else that you think must be entirely unrelated. Only to discover that in fact it could well be perimenopause after all - it really is the 'gift' that keeps on giving.

I have shared numerous posts in the past on the most commonly acknowledged or at least officially recognised 30 or so symptoms of perimenopause and I have read a huge amount of literature around the topic, yet somehow it had gone under my radar that acid reflux and heartburn could be caused by fluctuating hormones.

This was a new symptom for me that came on out of the blue after a stressful time just before Christmas. I went from never having had it before - yes I was one of the lucky few who did not have to rely on Gaviscon to get me through my pregnancies - to having it so badly, almost overnight, that I was barely able to sleep, eat or drink for days.

I visited the doctor, was given a prescription and sent on my way, never once linking it to perimenopause. It was only around a month or so later that I was filling in my Balance App (an excellent menopause symptom tracking app that I recommend everyone starts using from the onset of symptoms) that I suddenly noticed that heartburn was on there.

Ever curious around this subject, I did some digging and discovered that it is surprisingly common at perimenopause. T