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Can you afford NOT to do yoga if you are struggling with menopause symptoms?!

Discover the many benefits that a regular practice can have your menopause journey and why it is something I encourage every woman in midlife to try
Yoga for Menopause

No woman will go through their lives without being affected by the rise and fall of their hormones but there are 3 stages in particular when these changes are felt on a cellular level in our entire being - puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

The effects on the mind, body and psychological state of our being at these life stages simply can't be overstated but I am here to tell you that a regular yoga practice can certainly help ease some of the symptoms.

I know I bang on about it but I am doing so in the hope that you will listen and start a practice far sooner than I did and perhaps even pass the gift and wisdom of yoga on to your daughters.

I had a pretty tricky puberty - I suffered from awful spots, had appallingly heavy periods and lived with quite agonising stomach cramps until a doctor finally put me on the pill at 15.

I was a pretty sporty child but these changes really affected my ability to join in - sor