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The platform costs JUST £15.99 A MONTH to have access to the entire library of classes or you can buy a single class at a time.  At least 2 new classes will be uploaded every week.

I offer a range of classes including Barre Abs & Glutes, Barre Cardio, Barre Fitness, Barre Yoga Flow and Yin Yoga. They are for any level of fitness, ability and age but my classes are designed specifically with midlife women in mind.

BARRE (Abs & Glutes/Cardio/Fitness & Yoga Flow)

Barre is a fusion of ballet, Pilates, strength training and yoga designed to tone and sculpt every muscle. Some classes focus entirely on abs & glutes, some on cardio barre moves, others target the arms, core & legs and some are based on more traditional yoga flows.


You can expect a series of fat burning moves, from leg lengtheners and plies, to booty burners and scorching core sequences.

One of the main reasons I love barre is that although it is a seriously good workout and you will quickly see results if you stick with it, all the sequences are low impact and designed to protect and strengthen your muscles.


There will not be a jumping jack or burpee in sight! But the most important thing is just to come along and have some fun!

For these classes you will need:

* Mat

* Barre or Chair/Sofa Back/Bookshelf/Table Edge

* Set of dumbbells (1/1.5 or 2kg) or 2 cans of beans!

* Pilates ball or small cushion/hand towel

* Resistance Band for extra spice in your workouts!

For a fabulous selection of resistance bands, check out this selection in my shop: SHOP | Emma B Wellness


Most forms of yoga focus on building strength and increasing flexibility, whereas Yin centres on stretching deeper connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons and deep fascia. The muscles need to be relaxed in a Yin practice to allow the body to move closer to the bone and the connective tissue.

Yin is a passive, cooling and calm yoga practice. You learn to find your edge and be still. Some poses are held for 3-5 minutes at a time, to work into the deeper layers of the body. It serves as the perfect antidote to often busy and stress-filled life.

Yin Yoga really complements my work with women in midlife, particularly as they transition through menopause.

For these classes you will need:

* Mat

* Candles for ambience

* Warm socks and a blanket

* A sanctuary for a quiet practice

* Yoga bolster or two similar sized cushions